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Family events: wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations.
All of your family’s important events (wedding reception, baptism celebration, birthday, Bar Mitzvah, etc.) can take place at the Bastille!
• A prestigious site listed on the national register of historic sites, offering an exceptional view over the city and the surrounding mountains, both day and night
• Charming rooms with sculpted stone vaults and remarkable architecture
• Transportation by cable car for your guests in the famous “bubbles”—the symbol of Grenoble—with the possibility of keeping them open until 5:00 a.m. the next morning.
• The freedom to choose your own caterers, decorators, and event staff or to work with the site’s own staff.

Several options offered to you:
1- The Lesdiguières blockhouse
2- The Dutrievoz blockhouse
3- The Restaurant du Téléphérique
4- The Restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras


1 - Your family events in the forts blockhouses:

A) The Lediguières blockhouse
The Lesdiguières blockhouse is a magnificent room with vaulted ceilings of sculpted stone dating from the 19th century.
This 225 square meter room can accommodate up to 120 seated guests or 250 standing guests. Very well-lit, its large bay windows open onto a 98 square meter suspended terrace on the south side of the fort, overlooking the Polygone Scientifique and facing the Vercors mountains.
Located at the upper level of the fort, it is accessible by stairway or elevator.
This area is equipped with its own sink and restrooms.

You are free to decorate the room to suit your tastes, to choose your service providers and decorators, or to consult with our referenced service providers.

Lesdiguières room
and terrace
Surface in square meters in class Classroom

Seat layout

Seat layout

Seat layout

Seat layout

 room 225 12 / 32 20 / 80 12 / 36 30 / 120 30 / 250
 terrace 98 - - - 30 / 60 30 / 130

plan de la salle Lesdigière Map of the Lesdiguières room
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of the Lesdiguières room

B) The Dutriévoz room
Located just hundred meters from the cable car arrival station, the Dutriévoz room is on the east side of the fort, facing the Belledonne mountains and the Grésivaudan Valley.
Its authentic architecture, vaulted ceilings, alcoves, and dimmed lighting make it a unique setting for your gala events and wedding receptions. With 450 square meters of space, it can easily accommodate 200 seated guests with room for a dance floor.
The room is equipped with 2 sinks and a counter area.
plan de la salle Lesdigière Arrangement of the Dutriévoz room
for wedding receptions
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of the Dutriévos room
2 - Transportation by cable car:
When you organise an event in one of our rooms or restaurants at the Bastille, you can take advantage of preferential cable car pricing for your guests.
A) Round trip during normal operating hours:
15-70 people: round trip = 5.10
€ / one-way = 3.60 €.
71-150 people: round trip = 4.40 € / one-way = 3.10 €.
More than 150 people: round trip = 4.10 € / one-way = 3.00 €.
After normal operating hours, it is possible to request extended opening hours until 5am.
B) Extended operating hours after 11:45 pm.
Extended operating hours for the cable car will be billed by 30-minute periods (2018 prices):
Monday to saturday , with extended operating hours after 11:45 pm - 110 € per 30 min. period, all taxes included
Sundays and holidays, with extended operating hours after 11:45 pm - 130 € per 30 min. period, all taxes included
Each half hour will be billed until the time of closing.
Booking 60 days before the event.

C) Our 2018 Wedding reception and birthday/anniversary offers.

See french version for more details.

3 - Le Restaurant du Téléférique :
Staff serves up local, seasonal fare in a spacious, panoramic setting. With such a warm welcome, stunning view, and varied menu, this is one restaurant worth discovering!
360-person seating capacity (140 indoors, 220 on the covered terrace).
The layout can be set up to suit your tastes (open floor with a sound system, several round tables, rectangular tables, etc.)

More information
And www.restaurant-teleferique.com
4 - Chez le Per’Gras Restaurant:
Located just outside the fortress, 250 meters from the cable car arrival station, the restaurant has an 120-person indoor seating capacity and a 140 capacity on the shaded panoramic terrace.
It’s in this exceptional setting that Laurent Gras and his team of chefs serve fine traditional French cuisine made only with the freshest ingredients.

More information
and www.restaurant-grenoble-gras.com
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Groups’ transportation by cable-car
Booking and information

Sophie Garnier
Malorie Torrent
Tel: 04 76 44 89 67

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Restaurant du Téléférique
Le Restaurant du Téléférique
et ses salles de séminaire

Tel: 04 76 25 72 01

Restaurant Chez le Pèr' Gras
Le restaurant Chez le Pèr' Gras
et sa salle de séminaire

Tel. : 04 76 42 09 47

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