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Business seminars

Seminars, meetings, incentives, balls for companies
La Bastille fort accessible from downtown by the cable car, is a spectacular place for business
The unusual journey by cable car, the remarkable fortified site, the rooms overlooking the mountains and the city, the quality of the restoration, the variety of the services, are a great setting for all your events.
The offer is adjusted according to your needs: from the professional breakfast, to a ball, from a work day to an incentive day.
Don’t forget to spice up your day of work with a recreational activity, like sports or culture with orientation races, treasure hunts, shows, and also a visit of the fortifications, the sceenary, the Center for contemporary art and the museum of the mountain troops…

1 - Your business seminars in the Salle Lesdiguières and the Salle Dutrievoz.
For more details, please refer to the french version of the website.

2 - Cable car prices:
When you organise a professional event or student gala in one of our rooms or restaurants at the Bastille, you can take advantage of preferential cable car pricing for your guests.

A) Round trip during normal operating hours:
15-70 people: round trip = 5.10 € / one-way = 3.60 €.
71-150 people: round trip = 4.40 € / one-way = 3.10 €.
More than 150 people: round trip = 4.10 € / one-way = 3.00 €.
After normal operating hours, it is possible to request extended opening hours until 5am.

B) Extended opening hours after 11:45pm
Extended operating hours after 11:45pm. Extended operating hours for the cable car will be billed by 30-minute periods (2014 prices):
• Monday to saturday , with extended operating hours to 01:45 am : 90 € TTC / 30mm
• Monday to saturday , with extended operating hours after 01:45 am : 110 € TTC / 30mm
• Sundays and holidays, with extended operating hours to 01:45 am : 120 € TTC / 30mm
• Sundays and holidays, with extended operating hours after 01:45 am :130 € TTC / 30mm
Each half hour will be billed until the time of closing.

C) Weekday prices
Would you like to organize a weekday event when the cable car is closed in the evening? We can exceptionally, and on prior request of at least 60 days, open the evening lift from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm(last descent).
This exceptional opening is invoiced:

• Monday to Thursday: fixed price of 300 € TTC
• Sundays and public holidays: fixed price of 600 € TTC *
* Excluding Monday closing from January to April and from October to December.

At this opening, the group cable car journeys will be supplemented at the usual group rates.

D) Example of packages offered in 2017:
For more details, please refer to the french version of the website.

3 - Your business seminars at the Restaurant du Téléférique
The restaurant has two rooms on the second floor. Bright and with a lot of windows they overlook a great scenery. Directly accessible from the cable car, they can host 30 to 40 people each. The beverage service and lunch can be served either in the meeting room or in the room of the restaurant..
The rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, paperboard, screen.

 des espaces
en M²
En classe

configuration assise
En conférence

configuration assise
En U

configuration assise
En banquet

configuration assise
En cocktail

configuration debout
 Charmant Som 45 20 40 20 40 60
 Grand Som 45 20 40 20 40 60

4 - The Restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras :
In a cozy and intimate setting, located at 250 meters from the arrival station of the gondola, the
restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras can sit 80 people inside, and more than one hundred on its outdoor
shated terrace facing the Alpes.
A modern meeting room which can host 30 people in a “mountainneer” setting is also available for a
convention or for a meeting day..
For more information...
Estimate and information on request, ask Aline (04 76 42 09 47).

and www.restaurant-grenoble-gras.com


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